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The Sixth Commandment of System Administration

VI. Thou Shall Know What Cable Goes Where.

“Have you ever had to work in a dirty server closet filled with man-eating dust balls and rats' nests of cables so big they look like they're about to become sentient? If you have, you almost certainly have an appreciation for neatly bundled and labeled cabling. Managed cabling is equal parts art form and science, and it is a must for the successful operation of a production environment.”

An independent survey recently showed that businesses move, add to, or change at least 30% of their cable plant each year. Typical costs for even minor changes are reported to be between $1,000 and $1,500. The survey further reports that over 80% of the time and cost of such changes are spent in "finding things rather than fixing things."

The life of a good cabling structure should be fifteen years. This means that existing cables should be able to support an average of three upgrades of communication equipment during its lifetime, plus an average of five changes to all outlets. It is virtually impossible to achieve this performance level without maintaining accurate records of all details of cabling installations.

UltiCAM is a comprehensive cable management software system that greatly simplifies the day-to-day task of maintaining and managing the physical layer details for any network. 

UltiCAM allows the user to record the Equipment, Cables, Pathways, and Asset information for the cable plant and define the connectivity and circuit routes. The user can then utilize UltiCAM to plan and manage the moves, adds, and changes with the aid of the self-documenting Service Desk functions.

UltiCAM can record the structure and connectivity for any type of inside or outside cable plant including horizontal and backbone cables (copper or fiber), structured cabling, hardware, assets, pathways, locations, and users. UltiCAM will always be current with the latest data/voice equipment and cabling because it allows users to define their own connectivity configurations by creating user-defined Library building blocks. 

In addition, UltiCAM is fully compliant with the Administration Standard for Commercial Telecommunications Infrastructure (TIA/EIA-606-A).

UltiCAM is not restricted to recording just information about voice and data networks and communications systems. The user can easily define terminology and equipment to document systems such as security surveillance, alarm, and audio/video systems and provide complete asset management and control. 

UltiCAM provides separate groupings for organizing Equipment, Cables, Pathways, and Assets. It also allows customizable fields that can be used to describe and record related asset information unique to your cable plant.

Day-to-day Moves, Adds, and Changes (MAC's) are just as easy. UltiCAM allows the user to make changes to the cable plant and, optionally update the database, or hold the changes in a pending Work Order. These Work Orders can be then be reviewed and printed as instructions for the technician.

 Then, when the work is complete, the pending Work Order is used to update the database automatically. In addition, complete Service Request and Trouble Ticket management is integrated with the Work Order functionality.